What is G-Spot Augmentation?

G-Spot Augmentation is to raise a bump on the front wall of the vagina using an injection in the region of the G–Spot, to increase its stimulation during sexual intercourse.

The G-Spot is described as being on the anterior (front) wall of the vagina. It has been related to the underlying urethra (that carries urine out from the bladder) or Skene’s glands (which are the female equivalent of the prostate gland) or it may be an extension of the clitoris.

G–Spot Augmentation may be done at the same time as other cosmetic vaginal surgeries such as Labiaplasty and Labia Majora Augmentation.

The Procedure
You will be positioned on your back similar to having your Pap smear. If you can locate your G–Spot then it will be marked with a surgical marker. Then using a speculum, a fine needle is used to inject a Hyaluronic Acid .

The whole G-Spot augmentation procedure lasts 15 minutes.

Who is a good candidate for G-Spot Augmentation?

  • Any woman with normal sexual function and healthy sex life.
  • Women that are able to locate their G-Spot

Who is not a good candidate for G-Spot Augmentation?

  • Women with unrealistic expectations

How long will I need off work?

No time is required off work.

The recovery

You can immediately return to normal activities and yes, you can have sex the same day.

Is there discomfort?

The injection administered for the G-Spot Augmentation contains local anaesthetic. Some clients may experience mild discomfort.

Risks and complications

There is a small risk of complications with any procedure. This will be discussed t your consultation. You will also be provided with written information on G-Spot Augmentation.

I am interested what now?

Your first step is an initial consultation with Dr Oates. If you have a GP referral you will be able to claim some of the cost of the consultation from Medicare. If Dr Oates decided you are a suitable candidate for G-Spot Augmentation and you want to go ahead with the procedure, a booking for the procedure will be scheduled.

Complimentary consultation

You may wish to speak with our nurse consultant prior to seeing Dr Oates. During this complimentary consultation, the nurse consultant can discuss this procedure and provide you with written information.

For more detailed information on G-Spot Augmentation visit: http://www.facialplastics.com.au/pd86-56/g-spot-augmentation/