Twilight Sedation is a form of anaesthetic in which medications are used to make you feel very relaxed and comfortable and oblivious to your surroundings. It is not a general anaesthetic that is used in large hospitals for major procedures and involves having a breathing tube placed down your throat. The level of sedation in Twilight Sedation can be varied according to the needs of the procedure and the wishes of the patient.

Patients find Twilight Sedation much more enjoyable than general anaesthetic. Most people find that they fall asleep while having Twilight Sedation – but are easily rowsable. Twilight tends to make you forget what happens as well.

Academy Facial Plastics has the first State Government licensed Sedation Hospital incorporated within the clinic – Academy Day Hospital.

These instructions are very important. Please read them and make sure you understand them. Call us or ask if you have any questions. Re-read these instructions the night before surgery.

  • You need to be fit and well (especially free of heart and lung problems)
  • No prior anaesthetic problems.
  • If there is a family history of anaesthetic problems please inform Dr Oates
  • Inform Dr Oates of any drug allergies or if you take blood thinning medication
  • Do not eat any solid food for six hours prior to the procedure
  • Unsweetened clear liquid (e.g. water) can be consumed up to three hours prior to the procedure (not more than 200 ml per hour)
  • Do not take Aspirin for two weeks prior to the procedure
  • You will need to be picked up following your procedure and have a responsible adult staying with you over night until the next day. Please ask us where the best place is to park close to our rooms
  • You need to use the supplied antiseptic body wash the night prior and the morning of surgery
  • You should have a post-op review appointment made prior to having surgery