What is a Septoplasty?

Septoplasty is an operation to straighten the septum of the nose. The septum is the cartilage and bone that divides the nose into its left and right halves. It may become deviated by trauma, you may be born with it or it may gradually occur over time. The most common problem caused by deviated septum is a blocked nose; occasionally it may cause recurrent nose bleeds, sinusitis or be part of the reason why a nose is crooked. A Septoplasty may be needed to harvest cartilage for grafts in other parts of your nose.

Who is a good candidate?

Someone concerned with the following characteristics:

  • Trauma to nose
  • Airway problems due to deviated septum

Who is not a good candidate?

  • Impaired healing
  • Unrealistic expectations

The procedure

Dr Oates performs Septoplasty at Academy Day Hospital under twilight sedation and local anaesthetic.  The procedure takes approximately 45 minutes to one hour.

How long do I need off work?

7-10 days off work


Septoplasty is not a painful procedure, however the trauma of the surgery causes considerable swelling inside the nose and it will feel very blocked for a number of days.

Is there discomfort?

Discomfort can be managed with Panadeine Forte or Panadol. Nasal decongestants will help blockage in nasal passages.

Pre and post operative care

Your pre and post operative care is managed by our registered nurses. This will include pre operative assessment and post operative wound management.

Risk and complications

There is a small risk of complications with any surgical procedure. This will be discussed at your consultation. You will also be provided with written information on Septoplasty.

I am interested what now?

Your first step is an initial consultation with Dr Oates. If you have a GP referral you will be able to claim some of the cost of the consultation with Medicare. If Dr Oates decides you are a suitable candidate for Septoplasty and you want to go ahead with surgery, a booking for surgery and the pre operative care is scheduled. The usual waiting time is three to four weeks.

Complimentary consultation

You may wish to speak with our Nurse Consultant prior to seeing Dr Oates. During this complimentary consultation, the Nurse Consultant can discuss surgical and non- surgical options to treat your concern(s).

For more detailed information on Septoplasty visit:  http://www.facialplastics.com.au/pd25-56/septoplasty/